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Two effective marketing strategies tips

June 10, 2023

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Hey there, Today I want to share two marketing secrets or tricks. Essentially, tricks that nobody is really talking about because they’re a little more complicated than the quick hacks that we often get when it comes to social media, like posting at a specific time, adapting your content to a particular algorithm tweak, using a certain kind of colour or font.

But Today is your lucky day because Today I will tell you why despite using these quick hacks, sometimes your marketing may not work just like you want, and even if it is working, understanding these two things that I am going to walk you through will allow you to immediately upgrade all of it, get better results, more clicks, more traffic, more sales from everything you do.


Why some marketing just doesn’t work!

First, you need to understand why some marketing strategies just don’t work despite using these quick hacks.

It’s like nothing’s happening. No one’s clicking; no one’s watching your stuff. The algorithm isn’t pushing it or promoting it to people. Nothing’s working. This is very common and happens with businesses 90% of the time.

It mainly happens because companies are not doing enough marketing in terms of quantity. For some reason, they think that to market a product, all they need to do is make a Facebook or Instagram ad or post one video on YouTube, and that’s it, they’ll blow up and become the next viral sensation, and everything will work out miraculously.

As much as I wish that were the case, it is not. Marketing is just like any other business function. And like other business functions, it also requires time, energy, money, and investment. But people do not see it that way.

What really happens is that most people make one post on social media, and when it doesn’t get the attraction, they’ll swear off that platform and hop over another like. If they post a video on Facebook and don’t get the desired engagement, they’ll hop on to Twitter

and make a couple of tweets. Nobody engages. So, they’ll say, well, Twitter doesn’t work, And they’ll make a YouTube video, which won’t take off either, so they’ll get frustrated and angry because it’s just not working when they probably haven’t done enough.



And that’s why the first concept, the first sort of hacker secret, is identifying the marketing sweet spot.

Identifying the marketing sweet spot!

Identifying the marketing sweet spot means understanding the marketing bell curve and identifying where you fall, and then moulding your marketing strategies accordingly.

A marketing bell curve has three main sections. On the left is the minimum effective dose, which moves up to the sweet spot and eventually the diminishing return.

The minimum effective dose

Nothing you do matters if you’re in the minimum effective dose range. In this stage, you or your company mostly make a minimum effort, like one post on social media that someone sees once, and then that’s it. Or spending only a minimum amount on Facebook or Instagram ads, and then you wonder why it is not working.

And start thinking whether the entire online advertising system is flawed, but the reality is you just haven’t hit the minimum effective dose. There’s not enough momentum, touchpoints, exposures, reach and engagement with the audience that you’re trying to reach. This is where 90% of businesses fall, as they are not fully committed to different strategies.

The sweet spot

The solution to moving forward from this stage is to push through. You have to move up to the sweet spot. The method of moving towards the sweet spot is increasing the number of posts that you are posting on your socials. For example, if you are posting one post each day, then in order to move up to the sweet spot, you need to post five posts each day, from making one YouTube video a week to making two YouTube videos a day and even starting different channels. All this will help you hit the number of touchpoints required. This will ensure that the people you want to reach actually see your content. You’re going to make sure that you’ve essentially saturated everything that you can.

Diminishing returns.

Now, of course, at some point, you’re going to reach this third area, which is diminishing returns. Diminishing returns is the point where eventually, more money, effort, and time aren’t going to pay off. However, only the tiniest fraction of business falls in here.

The key point is to find out the sweet spot for your business because most businesses fail to do so and are always in the minimum effective dose stage.

They haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible, and then they wonder why their marketing is not working.

The biggest, the best piece of advice that I could give you here is you just have to do more. Now, of course, you need to be strategic and think through and do more, but the question is how much more? This leads us to our 2nd tip,” the marketing rule of seven.”

The marketing rule of seven!

No Matter what business, market or industry you are in or if you are selling low dollar value or high dollar value, it is universally agreed that for somebody to make a purchase decision, for someone to take action and actually buys from you, they need around seven touch points, which means seven engagements, seven interactions with your brand.

You simply can’t put something in front of them one time, expect them to buy and then call it a day. You will have to do it multiple times. If it’s expensive, it will be seven to 14. If it’s significantly cheaper like you’re selling a pack of gum, you don’t need seven touchpoints. one should be sufficient. But the key takeaway is the rule of seven because it forces you not to give up too early.


Now, how do you do this? You do this by showing up in front of our ideal target market, where they’re present and active, which means that you need to be selective about what social media platforms you will use, what kind of content you are creating, and where you are putting that. You need to ensure that it’s in alignment with your content style and what you like and hate doing, and lastly, where your people are. That is the most crucial element. There’s no point in being on Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube if your people aren’t there.

So you have to find out where they’re present, active, or online, and then you have to make it your mission to follow up and ensure that you’re consistently showing up in front of them with value, content, and offers.


Following these two marketing hacks will help you boost your marketing game and get better results, more clicks, more traffic, and more sales.

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